About Maria Bond

A Song Writer, Singer, Producer, Presenter and Author.

Her past credits include working as a producer and freelance presenter for various broadcasters including the BBC, LBC, Sky, Sound Radio, BEN Television and Wonderful TV. Her love for Gospel Music impacted her pursuit towards a career within Music and the Arts.

From a young age Maria was mainly influenced by Gospel, Soul and Jazz Musicians. She found her most natural expression through song writing and vocal performances; from then on a career within Music seemed inevitable. She later began a journey of discovery which led her to attend University and graduate with a BA Degree in Music and a Diploma in Drama.  

After graduation Maria worked within the media for a number of years.  She toured the USA with Gospel group ‘Forward Gospel Ministry’ (FGM) and worked as a session musician. A desire to discover the limits to her creative abilities led her to embark on a Masters in Television Production and she later gained employment as a Freelance TV Presenter and Radio Producer on numerous platforms. Maria produced and presented features for BBC World Service on the 'Postmark Africa Show’ where one of her productions was voted by the listeners as 'Best World Feature’ in 2003.  

Maria modelled on the weekly fashion segment of ‘The Big Breakfast Show’ which was hosted by Wayne Hemingway and Vanessa Feltz.  She later set up an educational organisation called 'The Music Academy London’ in order to provide Music Workshops for Urban Youths.  This enabled her to visit a number of schools and youth groups around London to help teenagers discover and channel their creative abilities. Maria is a firm believer in the limitless mindset that states “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you”. She is currently in the process of publishing her new book called, 'See it, Think It & Do It’ which provides practical steps towards becoming a success in all areas of life. 

Her mother became a Pastor when she was a teenager, however although Maria grew up within a Christian home, she left the faith during a challenging period in her life; but later returned to the Lord through listening to gospel music. This is when she gained the conviction to use her gift of Singing and Song Writing to inspire and encourage people. Her faith certainly went through some tests of fire, but it’s enabled her to venture into a journey of rediscovering herself through the image of God.  Her musical influences are Lisa McClendon, Sinach and India Irie, etc. As well as her traditional theatrical training, Maria plays the keyboard and guitar. 

Maria has recently released her debut single called ‘To Worship I Live’ and is currently working on an Easter release of her EP CD.

For more information, please kindly contact Bim@aacreativemedia.com or +44-7624-481-049